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ACC Server 09 Aug 2019 19:17 #338098

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Server sind aktuell auf 1.0.7.

- CPU optimization on the game thread resulting in less CPU usage with AI.
- Added all cars' locations to shared memory.
- Added electronics channels to shared memory, in particular TC, TC Cut, ABS, fuel cons, engine map, exhaust temps, lights and wipers stages.
- Added initial TrackIR plugin implementation.
NOTE: a specific profile is required to be set up, please follow our forums for more information:
- Texture memory optimisation.

- Mid-session saving is re-enabled.
NOTE: 1.0.7 adds a new version of saved games and will make any saved games from earlier releases obsolete.
The feature will require saving in the most recent game version to function currently.
- Added ability to save multiple games and load then individually.
NOTE: Championship and Career can still only have a single saved instance.
- Now save games correctly handle car damage.
- Fixed bug with brake ducts and brake temperatures in saved games.
- Fixed a bug with loading incorrect brake bias and other setup values in saved games.
NOTE: it will only work with new saved games.
- Fixed a bug where restarting the engine was not possible in certain cameras.
- Fixed a bug with championship status when starting a new championship with another season in progress.
- Fixed wrong blue flag when only one car remains on the track.
- Reworked driver stint logic in Endurance game modes.
- Added driving time limit per driver in Endurance game modes.
- Added driver stint requirements per different Endurance modes as per real-life regualtions.
- Improved AI strategy in stint-based game modes.
- Fixed rare bug with engine failure when saving a game on gear change.
- Fixed 24H total driver stint time.

- Disabled possibility to trigger the Helicam audio during intro sequence.
- Stop&Go penalty engineer audio message.

- Mouse steering overhaul.
- Steering linearity added to controller settings.
- Race commands will not longer be intercepted for UI commands other than the directional pad (up, down, left and right).
- Fixed clutch limit bug when using maximum deadzone.

- Added Save Game window in the main menu to load saved games.
- Fixed chat window auto pop-in bug when receiving messages.
- Electronics and pitstop MFD page made more compact.
- HUD and car dash delta relinked to same source.
- Adjusted button alignment in the Replay menu.
- Fixed a bug where saving a setup with "/" in the file name would create a new folder.
- Fixed a bug where controller input was lost on the leaderboard page of the career and championship.
- Car previews now reliably load high-res textures in preview screens.
- Small car previews now reliably load on the Special Event pages.
- Added replay leaderboard and 'Toggle HUD' button in the replay HUD.
- Removed redundant "Driver" button on Player page.
- Updated UI background images and logos.
- Championship end-page logic review.
- Restyling of the championship and career pages.
- Added option to scale race HUD widgets.
NOTE: in this implementation it allows the player to resize the elements of the race HUD overall.
- Added "Continue" button for championship weather page.
- Added Save Replay and Save Highlights as configurable controls (the saving will have a 1-minute cooldown before allowing it again).
- Replay HUD now allows camera cycling during free camera.
- Disabled ideal line during replay.
- More reliable 'stop the engine' message during pitstops.
- Improved lapped information for realtime leaderboard when the cars are on the same lap.
- Improved filter for gap information in the realtime leaderboard.
- Added driver stint and remaining driving time information in the pit strategy page of the MFD.
- MFD now displays mandatory pit stop requirements in relevant game modes on the pit strategy page.
NOTE: it also displays whether the selected options meet the requirements and thus count towards a valid mandatory pit stop.
NOTE: maximum driving time is the key information to follow in endurance races.
- Added pit limiter popup display when entering the pit entry zone.
- Added helicam and onboard cameras to the broadcasting app.
- Added option to toggle Server Stats widget in HUD settings.
- Minor restyle of the Special Events pages.
- Fixed excessive memory footprint of loading screen images in certain scenarios.
- Minor restyle of the Tyre widget.
- Weather Forecast widget visibility tied to Tyre widget.

- LOD adjustments on various models.
- Wheel rim material adjustments for various cars.
- Update to Black Falcon team liveries.
- Potential fix for the random open-close car door animations during gameplay.
- Fix for brake lights of hidden cars visible when limited opponents visibility is used.
- Fixed missing front indicators on the Porsche 991 GT3 R.
- Fixed indicator bug on the Lamborghini Huracán ST.
- Minor model updates on the Audi R8 LMS.
- Fixed Porsche Cup not interacting with collidable objects.
- Fixed bug with driver visibility in the Porsche Cup.
- Some optimization on scene polycount by adding missing automatic LOD stages of wheel rims on certain cars.
- Fixed wrong visual representation of wet surfaces introduced in 1.0.6.

- New 5 collision points tyre model. Tyres now "climb gradually" over kerbs, sausages, bumps both in lateral and longitudinal motion.
Completely eliminates the "rail kerb" effect. Greatly improved behaviour over all kind of kerbs, improved precision, improved bumps absorption.
- Tyre model improvements to better handle high load peak situations and high rolling resistance peaks.
- Tyre model now simulates lowering of profile while the tyre flexes. Ride heights will be lower during turns.
- Tweaks to tyre model rolling resistance model. (Fixed and speed sensitive RR variations).
- New Traction Control operation. TC now simulates a two step operation, acting on the engine ignition timing (lowering power) and if that is not enough, cutting ignition all together as before.
This permits the TC to have a smoother operation at the start of a slide, permitting the driver to use the slide to turn the car without extreme vibrations or engine cut.
- New Traction Control logic. TC now takes into account the yaw acceleration, simulating gyroscope sensors as the real cars.
As a result, even if the slide or slip of the tyres is not enough, a sudden yaw acceleration (a fast rotation of the car) will activate the TC to save the car from spinning. It also works intelligently so that it can check if the yaw rotation is under control by the driver, allowing him to use the power at will.
NOTE: please follow our forums to find more information about the tyre model update:
- Tweaks on the tyre pressure loss on rough surfaces (kerbs, off road etc).
- Car collider tweaks for various models.
- Tweaks for all circuits asphalt abrasivity and tyre wear influence.
- Tyre wear tweaks
- Fixed tyre core temps not properly saved and loaded.
- Fixed incorrect tyre wear when restarting race after loading a saved game.
- Tweaks to weather temperatures and sun phase.
- Tweaks to water dissipation rates.
- Variability is adjusted so medium values give more medium weather change rates.
- Fixed a setup bug with wet/dry setups on session changes.
- Fixed bugs related to setup naming.
- Fixed a bug with speed limiter status in neutral gear.

- Automatic engines will start when the Pit Menu closes, so all engines should be on at the start of a formation lap.
- Rejoining a server while disqualified is now detected in all situations, locking down the car in the pitlane (instead of doing so on the straight after the first lap).
- "Speed up to 50kph" message will not trigger when starting in the pitlane.
- Pit menu selections now are more adaptive, also removing the "Setup" button as spectator.
- Improved race weekend simulation to deliver more gradual grip differences for friday, saturday and sunday.
- Entering an empty server as spectator will now properly start with the pitlane camera.
- Slightly increased the ping limit for CP servers.
- Fixed long formation lap to not allow waiting in the first sector. Doing so will ignore the first lap.
- Added server health diagonistics, usable in the UI for further client updates and as admin command.
- Added UI element (next to the tyre app) indicating server health stats, and colorful warnings for overloaded servers. Can be enabled via HUD options.
- Replaced "result" json outputs by a new structure containing more information like track, session data, all laps and all penalties.
- Json outputs now are also written when the session is advanced via /next command, or when the last player leaves and the server resets.
- Fixed the "rain" and "ambient" conditions setting having little to no influence on the dynamic weather.
- Adjusted the weather randomness to be closer to the Singleplayer "Variation". Value range now can be used in a better way, where 1 - 5 should result in plausible weather.
- Activated the entryList setting "defaultGridPosition", allowing to resume a race any time (any Q session will overwrite the positions, but P->R would not).
- Added "dumpEntryList" flag, usable on non-public servers.
It will save all connected cars and drivers to a entrylist.json when a Q session is finished.
- Added admin command "/manual entrylist" to save an entrylist of the currently connected cars and drivers (on a non-public server).
- Fixed total race time having an offset in result jsons.
- Fixed playerIds not filled in the json results when defined by entry list.
- Fixed car category not being configurable in every scenario (using the entry list).
- Collisions during the race wait time won't affect the SA rating.
- Removed randomization from wrong tyre warnings.
- Server performance and timing improved (massively).
- Server logfile is now readable while the server is running.
- Updated server admin handbook version 3.
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ACC Server 11 Aug 2019 09:23 #338107

  • Meraculix
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juhu :)

ACC ist zurück von der sommerpause B)

hab server 1 mit der kommenden kombo bestück.

erstes event nach der sommerpause ist am 21.8. plakat mach ich die tage noch fertig :whistle:

Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 16 Sep 2019 17:51 #338310

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moin moin :)

ich war gestern mal so frei und hab server 3 (zu test zwecken) mit einem SA 80 rating versehen :whistle:
das ermöglicht uns jetzt einen 30 slot server ;)

hintergrund ist auch , ich bin am WE mal wieder eine ausgiebige session gefahren, hab mehrere verschiedene server von SA 50 - 70 getestet und hab doch merklich einstecken müssen. leider haben es die ( sorry für den ausdruck) aber voll pfosten es immer noch nicht gelernt in T1 reinzufahren ohne das es splitterholz gibt. also müssen wir da leider die daumenschrauben wohl noch etwas anziehen :whistle: :whistle:

aber keine sorge unser eventbetrieb ist davon ( noch ) nicht betroffen, da wird weiterhin das gleiche rating verlangt wie zuvor. ( SA 75)
das wird auch bis ende dieses jahres so bleiben. damit ihr genug zeit habt um euch das erforderliche rating (SA 80) zu erfahren. :)

sobald ich aber wieder nüchtern bin von der silvester party, wird das erforderliche rating auf allen unseren servern auf SA 80 erhöht :whistle:
das hab ich mir natürlich nicht einfach aus den fingern gesaugt, sonder bin gestern zwei jeweils 40 min. rennen auf einem SA 80 server gefahren, mit 20 mann und man hat deutlich gemerkt wie sich die leute echt mühe geben niemanden in die karre zu fahren. da war eine deutliche verbesserung spürbar :)

so mal die roadmap für unsere sever bins anfang 2020 ;)

Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 17 Dez 2019 19:07 #338959

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ACC Racers!
Update v 1.2 is OUT NOW on Steam. Our latest update brings all-new features, fixes and improvements, including...

- New Custom Livery Editor
- Introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range)
- Vehicle Chassis Flex Simulation
- Brake Wear introduced and affecting handling in long-distance races
- Tyre Model Improvements
- Custom Video Settings Save Slots
- VR Video Presets
- Multiplayer: Increased slots for private servers for Spa, Monza and Paul Ricard
- Multiplayer: Custom BoP for private servers
- Safety Rating improvements - Driver's rating will generally improve for fair drivers
- CP (Competition) Server now run in booking mode, offering 3 races per day. Make sure to collect your track medals and sign up today! They will open tomorrow at 18:00 CEST

Changelog v1.2

- AI performance optimizations.
- Fix for track shown at nighttime for a split second when loading into any session.
- Fixed double saving of temporary replays with multithreading enabled.
- Fixed issues with shared memory status.

- Added car customization. Pick and customize the design of your personal car.
NOTE: custom cars can be used in Quick Race, Custom Race Weekend and Multiplayer game modes.
Disclaimer: customization possibilities may vary on a per car basis due to licensing restrictions.
We will continue to add customizeable livery templates in future updates.
- Added single-make option to Quick Race and Custom Race Weekend game modes.
Possibility to use official liveries and custom-liveried grids.
NOTE: single-make race with official liveries requires an official car to be selected.
- AI update to avoid divebombing in slow chicanes.
- Porsche AI tweaks to mitigate their tendency to dominate sessions.
- AI now use aggressive setup at high levels.
- AI cars will not enter the pits because of weather or damage if less than 5 minutes are remaining in a session.
- Fixed AI aggression setting not producing expected behaviour.
- General AI behaviour and movement improvements.
NOTE: different aggro levels should result in a bigger difference now.
- Engine now shuts down at the end of the pit stop if the player restarts it during the pitstop as a counter-exploit measure.
- Session days are now set up as in real life in championship events.
- Fixed replay time multiplier resetting on highlights switching.
- Automatic highlights now spread across the entire race duration more consistently.
- Fixed marshal flags during single player replay.
- Fixed potentially wrong car setup values in saved games.
- Increased maximum number of highlights (20->30).
- Penalty system changed back to pre-pitlane decision.
NOTE: serving a penalty must be checked in the MFD before entering the pitlane. Serving any pending penalty is always auto-selected by default.
- Driver stint does not reset when serving a penalty - if "serve penalty" is selected before entering the pitlane.
- End of race in Quick Race does not require the opponents to complete the race - race finish is declared when the player presses ESC to return to the garage after crossing the line.
NOTE: to see the complete results, the player must stay on track until all opponents cross the finish line. Other game modes are unaffected.
- Added tyre sets option to Custom Race Weekend (as well as Custom Championship rounds).
- Fixed some bugs with penalty procedure and saved games.
- Fixed Racelogic=digital display time during replay (better with new replays).
- Optimized replay tyre matrix memory occupation, changed replay version (backwards compatible).
- Fixed replay maximum time.
- Added 1 hour and 15 minutes to maximum time in replay options.
- Added auto highlights replay only for the player car and added its menu item, tweaked highlights length.
- Removed time-based replacement of highlights and added an overtake highlight replacement system based on position.
- Fixed saving/loading auto save replay options.
- Avoid camera spline movements during paused replay.
- Longer pre-action time for accident/overtake highlights.
- Fixed pit alarm sound during slow-mo/paused/sped-up replays.
- Kevin Siggy Rebernak, winner of the McLaren Shadow Grand Final, added as a selectable Mclaren Shadow driver.
- Added pit exit blue flag for all types of sessions.
- Driver stint max total time is no longer based on race event but on race length divided by driver count across relevant game modes.
- Added black-orange flag for the player car for heavy suspension damage.
NOTE: also shown for lights damage (during the night and sessions that are declared wet where lights are a requirement).
- Penalty system for black-orange flags (damage and lights off).
The player has 3 laps to pit for repair or turn on lights when the flag is shown, ignoring the flag will result in a DQ.
- Fixed incorrect FOV used by some TV Cams from the 2nd activation.
- Pitlane open is triggered when the leader completes sector 1 after a race start.

- New feature: added Customization interface in the car showroom.
- Completely reworked car selection interface.
- Car selection restrictions removed from single-car (Practice, Hotlap, Hotstint, Superpole) game modes.
Each livery variant is now selectable in these game modes without restriction.
- Team and driver nationality added to car selection page.
- Showroom now allows you to turn on the lights and open the doors.
- Team/competitor dual information shown in car selection when relevant.
- Added driver bio on the car selection page. Click on driver avatar in the car selection page to show popup.
- Fixed lack of interactivity in the career showroom.
- Added "Official" filter to the car selection page to show only official car entries.
- Various navigation-related fixes in the user interface.
- Added chat message popup visibility option in the HUD settings page.
- Added highlights info and support for the HUD.
- MFD hides pit stop strategy items when "serve penalty" is selected. See penalty-related changes in the GAMEPLAY section.
- Various fixes for highlights HUD info.
- Various fixes for realtime leaderboard.
- Class filters added to race results and time/points tables.
- Fixed realtime leaderboard positions in non-race sessions.
- Added support for highlights camera override toggle button.
- HUD: server BoP shown in the timetables. See MULTIPLAYER section for more information.
- HUD: opponent ping indicator added to realtime/standings MFD.
- Team points table enabled in Championship mode.
As per real-life rules, only the highest-finishing team entry scores points for the team.
- Added pulse animation to the search bar in the lobby page for easy recognition.
- Fixed tyre sets button not clickable with the mouse.
- Added brake change options to the MFD. See PHYSICS section for more information.
- Added brake pad wear indicator inside the Tyre widget.
- Time delta is no longer shown during the first 2 laps of a race to avoid data flickering.
- Finished cars are now marked with a checkered flag in real-time on the timetables and standings widgets.
- Virtual mirror is forced to hide in replays.
- Video Options: ability to save and load different Custom Video Presets.
Save and load multiple custom video presets for different display setups and racing scenarios.
- Revised Setup load/save function with overwrite warning warning.
- Added HDR exposure and HDR contrast to ingame View Settings. When HDR is enabled, they replace the regular exposure and contrast settings in the Video Options in the UI.
The options in the View Settings are enabled in HDR mode only and vice versa:
HDR enabled: the settings in the ingame View Settings are used.
HDR disabled: the ones in Video Options are used (saveable with custom video presets).
- Added messages about replay saving operations and fixed replay saving for the first minute.
- Updated texts and localization.

- Added VR world scale slider to Video Options.
NOTE: lower values increase the world scale, higher values decrease it.
Correct 1:1 scale to real life depends on the headset type.
- Now possible to set resolution scale to <100 while increasing VR Pixel Density to render at a lower resolution to gain performance and upscale later to improve quality (for example resScale=70 and vrPixelDensity=150).
- Minimum resolution scale set to 50 (was 70).
- VR pixel density steps set to 5 (was 10).
- Added specific video presets for VR.

- Added missing unique Spa 24H liveries for the 2019 Blancpain season.
- Ferrari secondary display now has multiple pages to show various stint timers.
- Adjusted stance of the Jaguar G3 in the showroom.
- Pit animation now only shows the lollypop man when serving a Stop&Go penalty.
- No pitcrew is shown when serving a Drive-Through penalty.
- Fixed wrong numberplate layout displayed in MP car selection.
- Fixed shift animations not working with keyboard controls.
- Numberplates and season outfits now work correctly and as intended both in showroom and on-track.
- Zandvoort checkered flag marshal added.
- Visual car dirt now (slowly) accumulates even when driving on on-track surfaces.
- Visual car dirt and dust now accumulates faster in wet conditions.
- Improved LOD switching of wheels, fixed LOD rims not being affected by customization.
- Enabled HDR output in the video settings.
New additions to the video options include:
- Shadow Distance: changes the distance of the more detailed sunlight shadows to trade quality for performance.
- Tone Mapping: selects the new filmic tonemapper (ACES) or the legacy one (Default - used in the previous releases).
The filmic tonemapper gives a cinematic look more similar to the one used for HDR output.
- HDR Color Gamut: selects between REC2020 (standard color gamut for HDR) and DCI-P3 (closer to current HDR displays, colors are more saturated).
- Added support for HDR screenshots (EXR file format) when HDR output is enabled.
NOTE: the Steam screenshot function does not work with HDR screenshots due to incompatibility.
- Forced 100% LOD Scale in TV cameras (F3 and F6): these cameras now ignore the UI setting. F1 and F7 cameras continue to read the UI setting.
- Fixed mirrors showing the last frame when switched off during gameplay (also fixed mirrors showing the last frame when going back to the showroom from a session).
- Custom player teamwear is now showing up correctly in SP and MP sessions.
- Visual damage buildup adjustments.
- Added damage impact effect to the car's bodywork.

- Top TC level for storm conditions for all cars.
- Silverstone and Nurburgring 2019 BOP tweak for the Mclaren 720S GT3.
- Tweaks on the front splitter of the Porsche 991II GT3 R.
- Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Spa wet preset tweaks (both non-evo and Evo).
- Rain puddle tweaks.
- Fixed rear wing last value Porsche 991II GT3 R.
- New wet tyres model: less adhession grip, slower laptimes, better control in sliding situations.
- Aerodynamics - vertical fin calculation improvements.
- Aerodynamics - slipstream tweaks and larger turbolence area, can cause slight lateral movements if you follow a car from very near side and behind
- Chassis flex implementation:
Chassis flex is more of a qualitative than quantitative influence. You will notice the car handling kerbs quite better, accepting more steering input when sliding and more willingness to react on your inputs at the limit. At the same time, handling will be a bit less precise and might force you to work harder to be precise with your line, or correct your line during a turn.
Chassis flex also influences setup changes. Cars with more flex (softer chassis) usually need softer springs and better damping. Cars with less chassis flex (rigid chassis) can handle stiffer springs and be more precise, but might suffer at lower speeds and mechanical grip on bumps and kerbs.
- Altitude simulation for all tracks. Higher altitude means less air density resulting in lower engine performance, less downforce but also less drag. The heating model of tyres and brakes is also slightly influenced. Laptimes on some circuits might be a bit lower (i.e. Spa)
- Tyre model: tweaks and fine tuning offer more predictable grip over the limit for both slicks and more importantly wet tyres.
- Brake pads and discs wear implementation and different brake pads choice:
Brake pads and brake discs wear is relative to the brake pad choice, temperatures, driving style, ABS and brake bias usage. Brake disc and pad wear is shown at the end of each driving session, when you return to your strategy setup UI on the "last readings" box.
Normally brake discs should last more than 24 hours race, but because there is no pitstop time penalty (all teams are obliged to at least one fixed time long pitstop so that they can change brakes), all teams prefer to change discs and pads at least one time during long endurance races.
There are 3 different brake pads available to choose from, each with its own characteristics and different brake pads front and rear are permitted.
-- Pad 1: Very aggressive friction coefficient, max braking performance, aggressive disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation can be tricky if out of temperature or as it wears down. Use in hotlap and qualifying sessions, sprint races and can withstand 3 hours races. Risky and dangerous to use over 3 or 4 hours because the pads will wear down, overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal.
-- Pad2: Very Good friction coefficient, very good braking performance, good disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation almost always good and linear, good feedback while overheating and gradual wear. Can be used in hotlap and qualifying sessions as well as sprnt races as what it loses in performance, regains in braking modulation and predictability. Excellent choice for long endurance races, easily makes 12 hours and can make 24 hours race too with a bit of care. Will also overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal feel when worn out, but in a more predictable way and after much longer stints.
-- Pad3: Moderate friction coefficient, braking zones can be longer in dry, very moderate disc and pad wear. Excellent pedal modulation also in cold ambient conditions, very linear pedal feedback. Excellent choice for wet conditions and very long endurance races. Very predictable and easy to modulate brake pad.
-- Pad 4, extreme aggressive fiction coefficient. Max braking performance, extremely aggressive disc and pad wear, bad cold performance. This is a sprint race pad that can last about an hour but will show worse pedal feel, worse performance and overheating towards the end of the one hour stint. Those kinds of pads are not used in endurance racing, but included for demonstration purposes.
- Fixed Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 excessive engine damage.
- Bentley Continental GT3 2018 performance tweaks
- Fixed FFB damper not stopping during game pause.
- Fixed an error that could cause wrong relative impact speeds for collisions.
- Reworked damage system with accumulative damage resulting from impacts of various intensity.
A significant improvement over the old system that always required a larger impact per damage zone to produce more damage.
Repetitive impacts now have a much more substantial effect on the car's condition and the car is much less tolerant versus repetitive hits.
All cars have tweaks and fine tuned damage values (physics) but be careful as the damage can easily accumulate and repetitive small hits can result in severe damage in the end. Also introducing damage threshold to allow (reasonable) paint trading without affecting car behaviour.
- Low-speed aero damage now produces less negative effect on drag.
- Reduced front-rear damage detection cone.

- Fixed doppler fluctuation for external engine sound.
- Added tyre brake wear audio.
- Optimized audio channels used for wheel in external/opponent sounds.
- Fixed audio options not applied on start level.
- Reworked spotter damage messages (smarter and based on cumulative damage).

- Competition Servers are now running in a schedule, offering up to 3 races per day with variations. Read more in the dedicated forum post: www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?thr...erver-changes.61085/
- The region assignment for CP servers is technically different now, potentially fixing the "No servers in your region" error.
- The CP rating buildup is working in a more logical way now, which could cause to reset CP ratings to zero or lower values for some users. This will automatically wash out after a few CP races.
- Significantly improved CPU load with opponent count with certain (most) types of CPU. This is not necessarily affecting FPS, but dramatically increases the number of cars we can run before the 99% CPU occupancy warning.
- Significantly improved collision calculation efficiency, causing to scale CPU load a lot better (with all CPUs) on the physics thread.
- Enabled multiple-pit-assignments for private servers, resulting in higher grid counts for certain tracks. At the moment Monza and Paul Ricard support 60 cars on the grid this way.
- Fixed netcode warping for higher speeds (for certain server operating systems).
- Fixed volatile and too high ping measurement (for certain server operating systems).
- Further netcode improvements that increase the accuracy for cars on straights. This will make cars reliably drive with almost perfect distance, except one of both overtaxes in the player's bandwidth upload (ie by livestreaming).
- Added additional (=custom) BoP for private MP servers: Server admins can now assign and set up additional ballast and intake restrictors.
NOTE: read the extended notes on the forum: www.assettocorsa.net/forum/...ultiplayer....61195/#post-1100520
- Session-over result screen in MP now correctly switches the table between current standing (like 2nd MFD panel) during overtime and the final race results (including disconnected drivers) after the session has ended for all cars.
- Fixed MP car despawn issue in the highlights (and in some cases in the normal replay).
- Fixed replay world time affecting real time in MP (animations).
- Fixed potentially wrong bodykit loaded in MP.
- Servers will now log their current configuration (as it is actually understood by the server) to the "cfg/current" folder; this is helpful for troubleshooting.
- Short formation laps will now always start in "Double file", indepentently of the actual trigger position.
- Fixed a client crash when the selected customized "carX.json" file was physically removed.
- Improved the lead car detection during the formation lap.
- Fixed pit limiter effectively turning off after a driver swap.
- Improved the message the player receives when trying to join a server with the wrong car model (both entry list with forced car model, and CP servers with unknown tracks).

- SA rating will apply a Trust Bonus for finished races, dependent on the race length.
- SA rating will not assign points to certain situations where the other car is clearly at fault.
- Added more "outcome" scenarios for accidents, to be able to improve the understanding of "nothing happened" in SA considerations.
- Rebalancing of Singleplayer SA values to balance the massively clean AI in 1.2.
- Fixed a timing issue which could make the contact bag inefficient in some situations.
- Overall, SA will be more tolerant and precise, resulting in becoming slightly easier again.
- (Significant) wall contacts now will act like off-track; resetting track medal progress, invalidating laptimes and cause race penalties if the car gained time.
- (Significant) wall contacts are now considered a root contact like mass accidents, so a second car hit by a car bouncing off a wall would not receive SA penalties.
NOTE: read the extended notes on the forum: www.assettocorsa.net/forum/...ultiplayer....61195/#post-1100520
- Fixed an issue where Laptime records would be recorded with incorrect times (caused by race starts after the s/f line).


Chassis flex
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ACC Server 17 Dez 2019 22:26 #338961

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ACC Server 18 Dez 2019 17:50 #338971

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moin :)

@ sascha

hab mal für die ganze changelog geschichte einen eigenen fred erstellt wegen übersichtlichkeit.
dann haben wir das für kommende updates getrennt vom server fred :)

@ allgemeinheit :kiss: :whistle:

update ist drauf und unsere server laufen jetzt wieder auf aktuellem stand B)
Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 05 Feb 2020 17:18 #339403

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juhu :)

sorry gestern gar nix mehr dazu geschrieben :blush: :whistle:

server laufen seit den gestrigen patch wieder auf aktuellen stand B)

belegung sieht im moment so aus

S1: reiner training bzw event betrieb / SA 65

alle anderen server sind mit dynamischen wetter sowie unterschiedlichen tageszeiten versehen

S2: kyalami / SA 70
S3: bathurst / SA 80
S4: suzuka / SA 65
S5: laguna seca / SA 65
S6: spa / SA 55

so mal unser aktuelle server stand, bei fragen, wünsche oder sonst was wie immer einfach hier in der fred posten, merci :kiss:

gruss druide
Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 13 Feb 2020 16:43 #339466

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server sind wieder aktuell :)

viel spass....
Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 29 Feb 2020 11:38 #339591

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server sind nach dem hotfix gestern wieder aktuell B)

viel spass....
Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 21 Mai 2020 14:42 #340691

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juhu :)

update unserer ACC server konfig.

erhöhung des erforderlichen SA rating im täglichen betrieb von 70 auf 75 --> betrifft server 2 - 6

ebenfalls für die server des täglichen betriebs, ist jetzt eine track rotation aktiv. die wenn der server leer ist selbständig
auf eine zufällige strecke wechselt B)
und nicht zu vergessen das wetter , hier ist natürlich alles dabei von trocken bis nass und von hell zu dunkel quer beet
gemischt ;)

ebenfalls eine erhöhung des erforderlichen SA rating bei den Events, hier wird von SA 80 auf SA 85 erhöht --> betrifft nur server 1

auf allen servern ist unsere white list aktiv, wenn also jemand von euch das erforderliche SA rating nicht erfüllen sollte.
gebt im fred bescheid und ihr bekommt selbstverständlich einen platz auf der VIP gästeliste ;)
den wir möchten die " hürde " zum mitfahren nur für die public leute erschweren, damit nicht hinz und kunz auf den servern für chaos sorgt.

Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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ACC Server 03 Jun 2020 10:06 #340946

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Meraculix schrieb:
ebenfalls für die server des täglichen betriebs, ist jetzt eine track rotation aktiv. die wenn der server leer ist selbständig
auf eine zufällige strecke wechselt B)

moin :)

das hab ich wieder ausgeschalten, finde das funktioniert für unsere zwecke nicht so gut.
es kommt immer wieder vor, das auf zwei bis drei servern die gleiche strecke läuft.
heute war z.b. 3x hungaroring und 2x monza :pinch:
so war eingentlich nicht der plan. hab jetzt wieder verschiedene strecken auf die server verteilt.

wenn ihr ne bestimmte strecke fahren wollt, gebt einfach bescheid :)

Ihr habt eine lange anreise zum Simulantentreffen ??

12500km mit 32,5h Reisezeit, von La Paz( bolivien) direkt zum Ring !

Ich war da, budentreffen 2015 !
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