Chancelog [English]

- fixed T13 track competence problems with automatic gears
- Hotstint is starting at the Hotlap position, fixes timing and exploits
- Hotstint will now allow the last lap to be completed
- fixed Hotstint timing issue
- fixed stability control option and corresponding over-corrections
- using stability control laptimes will add a laptime penalty in the online leaderboards
- small adjustments to nurburgring track limits
- minor tweaks for audio voices usage

- fixed AI remaining without fuel
- fixed crash caused by faulty recognition of T500 Gear Shifter
- fixed time loop after midnight
- added starter and ignition command on Controller Page
- fixed car lights not working when opponents visibility video option is used
- fixed backfires and other particles visible on hidden cars when opponents visibility video option is used
- fixed misleading option values with AA and visible opponents
- fixed marshal spline detection
- expanded camera FOV and frame rate limits
- visual and LOD tweaks to the Lamborghini Huracán GT3
- disabled saving the discord username for in build configuration
- slightly increased the retry-interval after a disconnect from the servers
- added proximityIndicatorsVisible setting to hud.json
- fixed car setup menu not saving current setup correctly in some circumstances