Ab heute ist es endlich soweit! Assetto Corsa Competitione gibt mit dem Early Access Release 3 uns endlich die möglichkeit miteinander zu fahren.
Neben dem Multiplayer gibt es den BMW M6 GT3 und der Circuit Paul Ricard als neue Spielinhalte zum Ausprobieren.
Ein Hinweis für alle die bisher noch nicht zugegriffen haben: Mit diesem Build wird ACC zum ersten mal teurer und kann absofort für €34,99 bei Steam erworben werden.
Wir haben ab sofort entsprechende Server für euch gestartet. Auch wenn der Multiplayer nur Trainingseinheiten ermöglich, lasst uns gemeinsam Assetto Corsa Competitione fahren!

Changelog [English]

- Fixed setting the wrong Audio driver in some cases
- Removed start sequence for the first player in the server
- Fixed auto pitlimiter spam when gear was not allowed
- Fixed wrong fuel amount during AI pitstops
- Fixed lack of correct driver head motion in Bentley Continental GT3
- Changed local account data handling, improved delays caused by backend updates/restarts
- Using Steam check to prevent unusable online profiles
- Fixed issues causing Track Medals earned and laps posted to the Event Leaderboards not being saved
- Fixed missing endurance kit joining a server
- Fixed skidmarks when car is drifting
- Fixed wrong tyre wear influence to rolling resistance
- Reworked timetable logic
- Added combined laptimes to the timetable
- Fixed wrong car update during pitstop after replay
- Fixed wrong car camera target after disconnection or coming back from replay
- Fixed highlights not recording after a session restart
- Fixed cars not removed when Multiplayer server connection is lost
- Fixed possible server issue on linux emulators
- Optimized account data storage/synchronization
- Added Night + Rain preferences in Multiplayer server selection
- Activated Night, Rain, Latency and Target Driver Count rankings in MP server selection
- Added search box to MP server selection
- Increased amount MP servers displayed
- Reduced MP server bandwidth usage
- Removed leaderboard/server list response delay
- Standing widget: visual hint about disconnect state
- Multiplayer chat keeps messages after opening the pause menu
- Improved backend server efficency on session/menu changes
- Fixed missing decals in car selection when skins were selected
- Fixed car body kit shown when an official weekend mode is selected
- Fixed visibility of non-eligible cars in official race weekend modes
- Adjusted Lamborghini Huracán GT3 fuel consumption calculation
- Fixed empty fuel tank in player and opponent cars when qualifying sessions are skipped

- Optimized netcode to prevent certain spikes, causing high pings for all clients
- Fixed Chat Widget timestamp overflow and timezone
- Lowered Chat position
- Fixed nameplate visibility
- Fixed possible memory leak for long replay recording
- Increased fov and slightly increased maximum distance of the mirrors
- Improved AI line at start straight to avoid incidents with cars exiting pitlane
- Paul Ricard asphalt grip fine tuning
- Fixed BMW M6 automatic clutch not holding idle at 2nd or higher gear
- Improved (more permissive) Paul Ricard track limits at T2, T5 and outside of T11


- Enabled Chat Widget in Multiplayer Mode
- Fixed laptimes not showing up in Special Event leaderboards
- Fixed label switch in singleplayer mode
- Fixed label name during Replay after a restart
- Fixed Starting camera if when it has saved custom offset
- Fixed Spotter saying "go go go" message twice after pitstop
- accServer improvements and diagnostics
- Added message for possible Multiplayer downtimes
- Temporarily disabled pitstop during Replay
- Temporary fix for BMW M6 GT3 fuel consumption. The setup fuel estimate remains broken, fix on next release
- Tyre scrub/vibration FFB fine tuning
- Fixed missing D-Pad navigation for "Brake ducts" and "Caster" options in Setup Page
- Fixed help text not changing when hovering options in MatchMaking Advanced options page
- Fixed MatchMaking Advanced options "Preferred drivers count" decrementing by 2 when confirmed
- Improved positional sound for exteriors
- Reworked distance attenuation, distance filter and reverb dynamic for exterior sounds (still WIP)
- Improved remote car movement for speeds below ~30 kmh


- New BMW M6 GT3
- New Circuit Paul Ricard
- Introduced Practice Session Multiplayer Mode
- Introduced 3 Hours and 6 Hours Endurance race weekend
- New online Special Events with new content and online leaderboard
- Old offline Special Events (quick races) made available
- Setup Alignment Caster modification is now possible
- Setup bumpstop UP range is now in stable offset with wheel rate.
- Adjustments to the dry tyre model rolling resistance
- Adjustments to the rain tyre mode rolling resistance
- Wet and water surface rolling resistance and aero drag adjustments
- Brake ducts preparation on setup screen. Not yet available
- Fixed steering ratio right selector issue
- Fixed values on setup screen
- Improved trasmission and engine wobble and vibration simulation
- Improved start assist
- Improved TC logic
- TC logic simulation now takes into account engine and drivetrain vibration and tries to protect system malfunction.
- Improved pitlane limiter function.
- Pitlane limiter only available in 1st gear, disengages if 2nd gear selected.
- Ram-Air simulation for normal aspirated engines.
- Improvements on Lamborghini Huracán steering geometry
- Improvements and adjustments on all preset setups
- Introducing dirt buildup on cars (step 1)
- Fixed Bentley ABS same value 2
- Fixed Bentley Continental display issues with speed limiter
- Fixed gamepad deadzone forced in UE4
- Fixed z-fighting problem in replays
- Added Pixel Density setting in Video options for VR:
Pixel Density requires Resolution Scale to be set to 100
removing external workarounds (e.g. modified engine.ini) recommended
- Nameplates with text scaling in screen space, and settings in nameplateSettings.json:
textMinSizePerc: to make the text size bigger/smaller
minVisibleSizePerc: to make it disappear sooner/later
- Added Replay tyre compounds, track lights and car dirt status
- New audio device selector in audio options
- Improved spatialization for tyres sound and all related effects
- Reworked logic for skid and scrub sound effects
- Tweaked dirtiness volume related to its level
- Tweaked distance attenuation for exterior sounds
- Radio comms resource usage optimization (loading audio on demand)
- Events poliphony optimization
- Fix missing exterior engine in some rare cases with chase camera
- Minor audio fixes
- Performance optimizations in the game thread
- Mouse not interfering with D-Pad \ Keyboard menu navigation anymore
- Added new menu page Driver Profile (only Rating section available at the moment)
- Fixed drivers without helmet in VR