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Updates 22 Nov 2016 20:46 #319780

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Überall kann mal was schief gehen. Jedenfalls arbeitet man an der Behebung der Probleme und hat nicht das Land verlassen wie scheinbar manche annehmen lol...
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Updates 23 Nov 2016 12:48 #319788

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Das ist der ganz normale Patch-Wahnsinn bei S3-Studios.
Jedes größere Update ist extrem problematisch, weil versucht wird
a) Fehler zu beheben
b) neue Inhalte einzufügen
c) ein kommendes Update vorzubereiten.
Warum das immer chaotische Auswirkungen hat, kann man sich ja denken.
Bis jetzt hat S3 das aber immer gelöst uns das ist auch hier zu erwarten.
Dranbleiben! Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.
If in doubt...
(Colin McRae)
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Updates 25 Nov 2016 14:51 #319850

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Fixed an issue with rules presets not functioning in Single Event Mode.

Made the Manual Control of Depth of Field bindable in control settings.

Fixed so mandatory pitstop window is now defined by a percentage of the total race time.

Fixed a rare crash that was occurring when coming back to main menu.

Added support for Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer steering wheel.


Fixed so Race 2 / Race 3 sessions are working as intended.

Fixed so reversed grid option in MP is working as intended.

Made a potential fix for cars that would disappear and remain invisible for long periods.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI

Bathurst : New sets of TV cameras


Hungaroring : Resurface job to reduce bumpiness.

Portal & Backend

Various fixes and further optimizations in backend to improve loading times caused by certain packs containing too many items.

Changed so the packs are no longer re-purchasable after it gets a new content added.

Added so the Car Class Packs appear under Packs section.

Fixed cancel and close buttons on some portal popups not working.
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Updates 25 Nov 2016 22:49 #319858

  • Marc Copa
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... das war mal gar nichts, der patch behebt so gut wie nichts, genau die gleichen probleme wie vor dem patch.
absolut enttäuschend:
- noch immer unsichtbare autos
- lags
- joinlags
- positionsleiste fehlerhaft
- "zitternde" autos am start

das einzige was sich verbessert hat sind die ladezeiten, die sind wieder so wie vor dem letzten verhunzten patch.

sehr schwach von S3
Mein System:
i5 3570,16 GB Arbeitsspeicher, GTX 970, Win 7,
3 Monitore, TM 500rs, Fanatec CSP V2
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Updates 02 Dez 2016 20:38 #319987

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Disabled “Peer 2 Peer” functionality in Multiplayer for the time being while investigating a problem with opponents disappearing.

Fixed a rare crash that could occur due to bad data.

Fixed a crash when loading adac championships.

Fixed a rare crash that occurred due to the background video in menus.

Updated localisation.

Added support for Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer steering wheel.

Made the Manual Control of Depth of Field bindable in control settings.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI

Bathurst : New sets of TV cameras


Hungaroring : Resurface job to reduce bumpiness.

Known Issues:

In multiplayer player may not be able to refuel. To avoid this issue, please ensure that the dedicated server is set to use “Custom/RRE” for “Race Series Format”.

In multiplayer players may experience Disqualifications. To avoid this issue please ensure the dedicated server has “Flag Rules” set to OFF and “non ready pitlane start delay” to 0 (OFF).

In multiplayer players may experience issues with reverse grid working incorrectly. To avoid this issue please ensure the dedicated server has “Reverse Start Order Places” set to OFF.

These are temporary workarounds until we provide you with another hotfix patch hopefully next week.
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Updates 25 Jan 2017 16:16 #321074

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What’s New (Summary)

First pass of VR support

Leaderboard divisions.

Multiplayer Browser Revamp.

Manual Pitstops in Get Real.

AI Stress factor.

All DTM seasons updated to latest physics.

Silverstone and Stowe.


Added a first pass of support for OpenVR. Read more about it HERE: forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/openvr-support.7109/

Fixed an issue where turning the virtual wheel in vehicle settings on/off would not apply in game until session restart.

Tweaks to Memory usage of Instant Replays and changed so instant replays always request 300 seconds length. Memfiles are now written to disk when becoming too large.

Player is now allowed to pit in non race sessions (to practice pitstops, change tires, refuel…). Before, the player would automatically be brought to garage menu after entering pitlane.

Fixed issue with timing on single lap layouts (ie Nordschleife Tourist) when starting from garage in non race sessions.

Fixed issue with best individual sector times being calculated incorrectly.

Fixed a case where enabling Manual Depth of Field mode wouldn’t always lock the focus plane on the currently selected car

Fixed AI pitting in last lap on certain occasions by adding precision to calculations for refuelling.

Fixed incorrect stance for certain cars, fixed this for replays as well now.

Updated the Fanatec SDK to version 2.2

Added support for Fanatec CSL and added a default profile.

Moved the message area used for displaying current camera, chat messages etc. down a bit so they don't overlap with the text field that displays which leaderboard division the player is in.

Fixed issue with mouse steering resetting to zero position when looking left/right in cockpit & hood cams.

Fixed an issue with race position overlay sometimes missing entries if they get processed in the wrong order.

Fixed an issue where player would see pit lane speed window when off track on certain areas.

Fixed an issue in timing screen where multiple entries of the same driver would appear.

Minor tweaks and fixes to protocol that communicates to backend and web to support the additional data in the MP browser.

Fixed DQ on late penalties being treated as it was ON when it was OFF.

The Pit menu and Pit In Now overlays should now be hidden when restarting a non race session.

Fixed an issue where cars could remain ghosted after receiving a slow-down penalty

Fixed a crash occuring when game attempted to save pit presets on certain occasions.

Fixed a rendering issue with cars that would occur when changing visual preset from low to custom and changing shadows from off to lowest.


Fixed issue with the dedicated server writing a backend log file in the wrong folder when too many liveries were allowed on the server.

Fixed an issue in timing screen where multiple entries of the same driver would appear.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Introduced “Stress factor” for AI. AI’s can now be pushed into making mistakes when under pressure. Likelihood of those mistakes increases from being chased and from collisions.

Improved AI awareness of opponents on their sides.

When two AI’s are side by side reaching a braking point, one will brake 3% earlier and the other 2% later, depending on longitudinal position and relative speeds

Increased awareness for AI when under blue flag and upon leaving pitlane for incoming traffic

Punctures : occurrence of tire punctures are now tied to wheel rotation speed rather than vehicle speed.

Reduced the bouncing of certain cars upon spawning in their garage location.

Fixed a case that would cause 4WD cars to run with differentials wide open

Fixed a case where DRS could disengage when driving over bumps

Audi TT Cup and TT RS VLN : Added rear downforce to AI cars to keep them more stable in high speed weight transfers where they are often caught losing control. Tweaked AI versus players collisions to be more fair to the player

DTM : Ported 2016 physics and sounds to all past seasons of the DTM.

GTR 3 : AI update, Improved standing starts for all cars, AI versus player collisions tweak to be more fair to the player

Mercedes C63 DTM 2016 : Fixed the noisy suspensions and increased engine volume

Raceroom FR3 : updated sounds

RedBull Ring GP : Cut rules update for more strict rules


Chang: Adjusted IBL to match the new light setting

Zandvoort : fixed missing terrain, fixed missing generics, fixed terrain normals, redone sets for generics/audience, swapped 2d audience with latest models, fixed underpass shadow on track

Alpina B6 : Fixed incorrect windscreen banners in certain liveries.

Portal & Backend:

Revamped Multiplayer Browser.

Implemented Leaderboard Divisions. Leaderboards with over 100 entries will now divide into divisions.

Added thumbnail support to MP Browser. Dedi admins can now upload their custom image to represent their servers (PS: Servers with offensive images will be removed.)

Fixed some scrolling issues in certain sections of portal.

Fixed an issue where clicking the race button in MP browser while it is greyed out would lock the game.
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Updates 28 Feb 2017 18:58 #321946

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Highlights of this update include:

Formula RaceRoom US is available!

VR updates

First appearance of new data displays

Various track updates


Shared Memory: Added information on upcoming flag system, updated minor version number. Flag system is currently awaiting UI implementation and made unavailable to players.

Shared Memory: Changed how tire wear is reported so it matches the tire wear text in data displays (1.0-0.0 range when tire wear was between 1.0-0.94).

Added support for starting the game on any detected screen. The option resides in General Video Settings. Fullscreen changes are only applying after a game restart.

Fixed an issue with updating a profile avatar with the game in fullscreen where the dialogue box would appear behind the game

Added a possible fix for a rare case where only the car shadow of a car would be rendered after switching focus from car to car or from camera set to another

Implemented Reputation System that will run and track player incidents. This is in alpha stage and we’re gathering data in the background. Nothing will be visible for players just yet.

Fixed bug where opponents session data sometimes caused championship files to be broken due to conflicting ids.

Fixed so the game doesn't crash when trying to load championships affected by the bug above.

Fixed issue with game window using the wrong style when going from fullscreen to windowed in a resolution that's lower than the default resolution.

Fixed a menu issue with percentage stepper buttons not being enabled when switching from minimum<->maximum allowed values.

Broadcast : Fixed a case where camera selection requests were resulting in the game cycling through cameras instead.

Added an upper deadzone setting for the throttle axis in advanced controller settings.

Fixed an issue with DRS getting disabled before the race ends in timed based race sessions.

Fixed an issue where the race was starting without the player if Race Monitor was clicked instead of “Drive” at race start.

Fixed an issue where the DRS wing animation would remain deployed after the race.

Fixed an issue where on certain tracks the result timing was showing A.I. cars doing an extra lap.

Made lap times go invalid if player is speeding in the pitlane, so you can’t get fastest lap that way. New HUD overlay to signal it. (Stowe Long is a good example of where pitlane could be exploited to shortcut the first chicane)

Fixed a crash that happened in Single Player championships if the player clicked the pit preset button and then the continue to next race button before game entered the pit preset menu.


Fixed the issue where a player's contact shadow was being left on the track after disconnecting from the server.

Fixed an issue where a time penalty for a non performed drivethrough had no effect on results.

Various fixes to some inconsistencies that was occurring on certain IPv4 to IPv6 mappings.

Fixed issue with MP results taking a long time to arrive when running a dedi locally where backend communication fails.

Fixed issue with DRS animation not working in race sessions for opponent cars.

Fixed so multiplayer replays are now marked as such in the Media Hub.


Rendering through coupled draw calls to improve performance while also taking care of the issue reported that objects and cars would appear 2D from time to time.

Multi-threaded some of the rendering to improve performance

Added three bindable keys to modify the user’s headset translations multiplier, which alters in-game head movement and eye-to-eye distance. Default value is 0.9.

Fixed an issue where the Startup Argument that was set for RaceRoom in the Steam client wasn’t being used when launching game from an external link. (ie a competition webpage)

Shortened the distance at which lower poly car models are used.

Temporarily disabled the rendering of particle clouds. They’re bugged at the moment in VR.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Fixed a bug where H-pattern gearbox cars would receive delays for both up and downshifts.

Fixed TV cameras at the bridge and gantry areas for Nordschleife Tourist layout

Cars no longer hover a few cm above the track

Formula RaceRoom 2 and Formula RaceRoom US have a special pitting system allowing them to perform fast pitstops.

Reduced bigly the probability of stress induced mistakes by AI’s
Fixed an issue where AI’s were accumulating stress by being followed by an opponent in the pitlane.

AI’s now ignore cars in the pitlane entrance lane if they’re not on it themselves.

Improved AI navigation in the pitlane.

Fixed an issue where AI would never start a qualifying lap around Nordschleife 24H when fuel multipliers were enabled.

Fixed so only damaged AI or AI’s on their inlap will use the Nordschleife VLN / 24H pitlane entrance by the start/finish straight

Fixed an issue where an AI going back to garage during a practice or qualifying session would never go out on track again

Fixed AI using up their P2P in the beginning of a race without saving them

Many more AI code tweaks to improve awareness

Formula Raceroom 3 : Improved the blending of the sound samples

Turbo cars : unloaded turbo pressure increased to deliver a better boost from a standing start.

Laguna Seca : Tweaks to AI lines

Mid Ohio GP and Chicane : Tweaks to AI lines

Moscow : added TV camera sets

Suzuka GP : Tweaks to AI lines


Bentley Continental GT3 : added data display

DTM cars : added data display

Formula RaceRoom 2 : added data display

McLaren MP4 12 C : added data display

Tatuus F4 : added data display

WTCC TC1 cars : added data display (except Lada Granta)

Hockenheim : Smoothed out bumps

Laguna Seca : Smoothed out bumps, audience update, updates and tweaks

Lausitzring : Smoothed out bumps, audience update, fix to vegetation

Monza : Smoothed out bumps, updated the track to match 2016 season

Norisring : Smoothed out bumps

Nuerburgring : Smoothed out bumps

Sachsenring : Smoothed out bumps

Sonoma : Smoothed out bumps

Zandvoort : Smoothed out bumps

Portal & Backend:

Made optimizations to code handling content in portal.

Implemented individual car packs system which includes all liveries of a car. Livery packs will roll in very soon. For testing purposes we will start with just one in this case the FR US.

Changed so the livery clusters show how many liveries there are in total and how many you own in parenthesis.

Added so the essential packs that are purchased show date of purchase when hovering over them.

Added so we show prices in real currency based on player currency preference.

Changed so cars in which there are still liveries to purchase, the car does not appear as fully owned in store.
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Updates 08 Mär 2017 17:40 #322134

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Hotfix Patch


Fixed so the aspect ratio and the resolution option dynamically updates and only shows the supported settings of the currently selected monitor.

Fixed mouse going offset for menu after changing resolution.

Fixed so the minimum refresh rate is 59 and fixed a DirectX resolution related crash.

Fixed issue with game not resetting back to the old monitor if the player didn't apply video settings.

Fixed a crash that could occur due to spring based range lock failing to initialize.

Fixed an issue with new data displays not showing laps remaining when race has a laps based duration.

Fixed an issue with new data displays showing wrong text if fuel usage is disabled.

Fixed an issue where the free flight camera speed was not affecting the camera tilt.


Fixed dedi crash that was occurring when people disconnected from race session without finishing at least one lap. This was causing people to get kicked out to the lobby without seeing the race result.

Fixed the issue with players never receiving a penalty for ignoring mandatory pit stops in MP.


Bentley Continental GT3 - Adjusted steering wheel / column position

Formula RaceRoom Junior - Fixed some pixels bleeding from the outside into the cockpit of livery #20
Portal & Backend:

Fixed so the currency preference of the player is saved on logout.

Fixed an issue where linked content discount was not applying so the linked car was appearing at full price.

Fixed essential packs showing twice in the storefront.
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Updates 06 Apr 2017 05:26 #322949

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What’s New (Summary)


WTCC 2016


Changed so upon finishing a race with a slowdown penalty still active, the player will receive a penalty of 30 seconds added to his final result.

Fixed issue with video options breaking when switching monitors with same resolution but different refresh rates.

Changed so the slowdown time penalty you receive now factors in the actual track distance you have skipped to fix issue with finishing without receiving a penalty for cutting.

Changed so if the accumulated slowdown time penalty exceeds the set post-race time penalty for finishing a race with a slow down on your head, you are now disqualified from the race. Current limit is set to 30 seconds.

Fixed refueling sound continuing when refueling and returning back to garage in practice.

Fixed issue where "Pit timer" from previous event was showing when player was in a new session after completing an event with mandatory pitstop with a minimum pitstop duration.

Fixed an issue where player was sometimes able to change fuel when fuel usage was off. Player car will now always use default fuel amount if fuel usage is off.

Fixed issue with time of day setting not applying for race 2 and 3.

Fixed so slowdown cannot reach more seconds than post race penaltytime.

Xbox One controller profile: Swapped shift down and drs buttons so they match the 360 controller button layout.

Fixed Xbox One controller vibration issue.

Changed automatic DNF logic to allow players to stand still with their engine off if they're close to their pit box. So players can take breaks during long races without getting retired.

Changed so replay is no longer saved when crossing the finish line but only paused. It is now saved and closed when player finishes the race.

Fixed so headlights now strobe for 2 sec when button is clicked, or continuously if held.

Shadow splits are now always enabled.

Tweaked rumble pad/xinput ffb by disabling high speed constant rumble (steer force), rumble on grass and gravel (covered by slip effects) and engine vibrations.

Added missing return so now players get returned to menu if the pit window range is invalid for single race or championships.

Added session length format to shared memory. (if the session is time based, lap based or time+lap based).

Increased shared memory minor version to 5.

Various tweaks and fixes to data displays


Support for displaying VR sessions on a monitor. (New control to map : “VR Toggle Monitor view”)
Note: What's displayed on the monitor is a cropped copy of the left eye render for the VR headset. The crop avoids including the eye's hidden area mask and maintains the monitor window's aspect ratio. The overlays (menus, etc.) are rendered flatly on top of the cropped VR eye render.

The mouse cursor is no longer shown on the monitor window unless the game is set to show the VR session on the monitor.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Various AI tweaks and improvements

AI: spread out their pitstops more also in shorter races

AI: moved what they consider middle of race in lapped races back one lap

Idle engine sounds no longer include a slight presence of on-throttle samples

Fixed a case where brake sounds could be heard when standing still and steering

Brake sounds: ramp/fade/blend speeds/pressure settings improved for all cars except FRX, FR2 and FRUS

Audi TT RS VLN: AI speed tweaks

Aquila : AI speed tweaks

BMW M1 Procar : Chase camera tweaks

BMW M6 GT3 - Engine Throttle volume increased in cockpit

Formula Raceroom US : new sounds, AI speed tweaks

WTCC 14 and WTCC 13 : tweaks to fuel burn and fuel estimates

WTCC TC1 : tweaked action cameras

Karlskoga : lap not counting when passing through pitlane

Hungaroring : tightened cut track detection

Macau : Added TV camera sets

Monza : cut track detection tweaks

Moscow: Added helicopter sound sample to aerial TV cameras, cut track detection fixed on FIM layout

Paul Ricard 2A: TV camera to see the starting grid properly

RaceRoom Raceway: Added TV cameras sets

Sonoma IRL layout: Tweak AI lines

Zandvoort : Tweaked AI lines


WTCC TC1 cars : New driver animation

Switched Macau light setting to same as Paul Ricard.

Bathurst - removed tirewall blocker in mountain chicane

Zolder - Fixed weird bushes and smoothed track bumps a bit further

Portal & Backend:

Changed Leaderboard divisions to work on a percentage based system.
Division 1 0.00% 2.00% of best laptime.
Division 2 2.00% 4.00%,
Division 3 4.00% 6.00%
Division 4 6.00% 8.00%,
Division 5 8.00% 10.00%,
Division 6 10.00% 12.00%
Division 7 12.00%+​
Fixed so when a content is set to be free e.g. for a weekend it is not excluded from packs (essential and class packs) and still gets added as owned upon purchase.
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Updates 20 Apr 2017 18:06 #323313

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Update 20-04-2017


Added McLaren 650S GT3 which is now available in the store.


Data displays:

Fixed wrong color of delta and laptime on some of the new data displays.

Fixed an issue where Low Fuel warning on data display screen wasn’t going away.

Fixed an issue on cars with new data displays where the compact HUD rev lights had issues when not using cockpit cam.

Enabled tire temperature even when tirewear is disabled.

Added speed limited revlight blinking to old data displays.

Citroen data display had a typo in "Brake balance"

Fixed issue with displays sometimes showing data for wrong car when “show opponent cockpits” was enabled.

Various other fixes and tweaks to existing displays.
Flag system:

Fixed yellow flag appearing during private Qualifying.

Fixed White flag appearing in MP Qualifying session that used rolling start.

Fixed an issue in a race with additional lap, checkered flag was showing when timer reached zero and at end of additional lap.

Fixed an issue where an illegal overtake under yellow followed by a retirement of the overtaken car would result in the impossibility to give the position back

Fixed an issue where checkered flag did not appear for final lap in MP server with flag rules enabled.

Time allowed to give a position back after an illegal overtake increased from 15 to 30 seconds

Yellow flag now triggers for cars at 20% of their predicted speed ( was 10% )

White flag trigger now requires a car to be 70 kph under its predicted speed (was 30) The other trigger condition remains at 40% of its predicted speed.
Fixed 2 Race Format only saving replay of second race.

Fixed Multiple Race format giving overall results that did not count points.

Re-enabled allowing turning shadow split off after some potential issues reported with AMD Crossfire.

Possible fix for the issue where some players, depending on setup had their input frozen.

Added some logging when initializing texture and setting video mode.

Added a new startup argument for disabling TrackIR. -disableTrackIR can now be added in Steam Launch Options.

Slow down penalty throttle limitation doesn't get activated immediately anymore, but waits until the player applies some brake. This also fixes occurrences of penalties triggering heavy lift oversteer on FWD cars.


Added handling for more JOIN_FAIL messages so error messages are more specific.

Fixed so join request timeouts are correctly reported as a timeout instead of generic lost connection message.

Added some fixes when on occasion, connections were not dropping when leaving sessions.

Changed so client doesn't respond to ping requests unless connected or trying to join.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Citroen WTCC 2016 has received a slight increase in engine torque at low to med rpm.


Audi TT cup cars have a new display

Audi DTM 2016 finally has its new display

Backend & Portal:

Fixed top Leaderboard banner in competitions not scaling properly.

Fixed a minor alignment issue with VIP drivers description box in Portal.

Fixed exit "x" button on partner page section clipping with the page and looking out of place.

Fixed facebook section in partner page overlapping with top banner.

Some fixes to the redeem popup in portal.

Fixed error 13 some players were receiving after exiting wtcc championship round 1.

Fixed so players from USA and Canada get USD as default currency instead of the global default EUR.
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Updates 08 Mai 2017 13:37 #323625

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Fixed an issue where time allowed to give a position was showing 15 seconds instead of 30.

Fixed an issue where players sometimes received a penalty while on grid at the start of MP race.

Added a 2 second period during which the yellow flag causer still can be overtaken after he/she has fulfilled the criteria for not causing a yellow anymore.

Increased the speed threshold needed to release a yellow flag.


Added a setting “Stay in Practice Session if Empty” to turn on/off session freeze to dedi. If ON, the server will stay in practice session if it’s empty. If OFF the server will continue to qualifying even if it’s empty.

Added a setting “Allow Players Join in Qualifying” to allow/disallow players join during Qualifying. If OFF players can’t join during Qualifying. If ON players can join during Qualifying.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Mclaren 650s: Camera update following the steering wheel alignment fix.

Suzuka: Fixed BMW procar going wide in 130R and fixed too harsh 130R cut rules


McLaren 650s GT3: Fixed alignment of the steering wheel.

Portal & Backend:

Fixed some inconsistencies with competition starting and ending time being x hours off depending on the players local time difference to UTC.
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Updates 18 Mai 2017 09:36 #323782

  • schielchen
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Auf der Platte ist er schonmal :D

If in doubt...
(Colin McRae)
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Updates 02 Jun 2017 16:58 #324037

  • AK1504
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  • alter Hase
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Known Issues:

Hockenheimring: Some of the curbs are missing.

The new Flag Rule Settings are not available for MP.
We will release a hotfix patch tomorrow to fix these issues.


Changed the flag rule setting and added a new flag rule setting “Visual Only” which means all flags get triggered and shown but there are no penalties applied with exception of black flag. (SP only for now)

Added Display mode with settings windowed, borderless windowed and full-screen.

Fixed issue in data displays where standings page kept ghost entries when you were in the lead.

Introduced delta timing in data displays.

Fixed some occurrences of yellow flags for DNF cars.

Disabled displaying of yellow, blue, black & white and white flags while player is in pitlane.

Removed so slower class in multiclass race doesn't trigger white flag.

Disabled slip effects while changing tires during a pitstop.

Changed so content ownership isn’t required to load a replay file.

Fixed a crash that could occur when processing a camera reset callback after returning to menu.

Updated Fanatec SDK to 3.0. This should also fix the issue some players experience with their CSW 2.5.

Fixed issue with replays not using asynchronous rendering.

Fixed issue with an uninitialized variable when using Fanatec wheel.

Fixed an issue where H-Pattern mode would reset to Neutral when race start sequence starts.Thanks to Franconen and team-gtr3.fr for the report.

Fixed issue with Multiplayer advertisement banners not getting saved in replays.

Fixed an issue that could occur in game session if the player has a lag spike of over 10 seconds during certain sequences.

Game now invalidates both current and next laps in qualifying sessions, leaderboards and competitions if the player goes off track or wall rides in the last corners of a track.

Made brake disks pre-heated when starting a Time Attack session


Bloom and Light Shaft effects are now disabled in VR.

Made the HUD size dependent on the distance to it.

Made it possible to adjust the distance to the HUD via two bindable keys.

Fixed the rendering of particles and contact shadows.

Made the game use the SteamVR settings panel's/config file's resolution setting to set the resolution for the eyes instead of a number argument following "-vr" or "-oldvr". Any such number in the argument is now ignored.


Fixed so player nodes are marked as inactive and kept by the server if a player disconnects during a race session. This fixes the issue with broken results because of players leaving the server too early after a race. Also fixes results for spectators joining late.

Fixed so checkered phase ends directly when all vehicles have finished.

Fixed an issue with spectators not being able to join full servers.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

Bathurst: AI Tweaks

Hockenheim GP : Tightened Cut detections

Moscow Raceway FIM : Tightened Cut detections

Nurburgring (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections

Shanghai (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks

Suzuka (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks to prevent going wide in 130R

Zandvoort : AI tweaks

BMW M3 E30 : new sounds

BMW M1 Procar: Tweaked chase camera, improved results of car to car collisions


Data displays now added to all cars. Some cars don’t have a display in the cockpit, but will show the display on the HUD when pressing ‘7’ to cycle through HUD display modes.

Hungaroring : Fixed some overly bright runoffs, swapped 2D audience to latest ones

Paul Ricard : Fixed some curbs and adjusted banking of some corners based on drivers feedback.

Suzuka : Smoothed a nasty bump just before 130R.

Portal & Backend:

Fixed issue with time interval not clearing up in MP browser.

Implemented MP results and MP Standings for championship events in Competitions.
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Updates 02 Jun 2017 16:59 #324038

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As promised yesterday here's our hotfix patch.

Added CSW 2.5 wheel range support.
Added the new flag rule settings to Multiplayer.
Fixed the rendering issue of curbs in Hockenheimring.
Fixed ordering issue in MP results in championships.
Separated and added division dropdown in mp results. (Will be updated shortly)
Fixed time left showing blank in MP browser for servers with players.
Fixed data display issue on Aquila and Audi R18 where N was showing as 0 in the gear indicator.
Fixed reflection calculations from the data display shaders.
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Updates 18 Jun 2017 17:27 #324399

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- Fixed issues with Multiplayer results caused by players leaving and reentering.

- Fixed an issue with lap invalidation.

- Fixed so players leaving the server no longer show in replay as stuck on their last known position.
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