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Updates 04 Mai 2018 14:52 #331345

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Deployed content for upcoming competitions.


GTR 3 car class - Pitstop actions now take a longer time.


Server side update

Sound, Physics & AI:

Fixed the Plasa's 134 Judd from Hillclimb Icons that had a broken gearbox


Game client side only (~2.2 GB)


Spectator mode: Fixed an issue where the race start countdown lights would show at the end of a race and remain visible in the second race session.


All DTM cars from 2013 to 2016 now have 360 degrees driver animations

Audi RS 3 LMS - esport livery updated

Imola - Pitlane limit is now properly set to 80 kph

Porsche 911 GT3 R - Fixed an issue with the car receiving engine damage from a frontal impact.

Sachsenring - Updated with new pitwall sponsor, slight camber adjustments, and a surface review.

Sepang - Fixed a hole in the ground where cars could sometimes get stuck.

Spa-Francorchamps - Reviewed track surface between Les Combes and the chicane.

Volvo S60 WTCC - Fixed an issue where driver was seen clipping through his seat from external cameras.

Zakspeed Capri - Attempt to fix an issue where the tail lights would not be rendered with transparency on a ghosted car on certain configurations.

Zhuhai - Performance optimizations
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Updates 08 Mai 2018 17:43 #331388

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Update: forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threa...ay-8th-update.10758/


Pitstop menu now automatically confirms the requested changes upon entering the pitlane.
Added an input meter graph showing steering and pedals axes and a keybinding to toggle it on/off from the HUD. It was made to also be working in replays and render no matter the camera. Position and scale of this new HUD element are up to user’s preferences through hud_options.xml. Default has been aligned with FFB meter.
Added a “Fixed Setup” option to dedicated servers. When enabled, players are only allowed to modify the fuel and the brake pressure.
Added support for upcoming “Fixed Setup” time attack competitions.
Cockpit steering animation setting now has an extra option to render the steering wheel in a static position. Useful for cars featuring a data display on the steering wheel (ie. BMW M235i Racing or Formula cars)
Added more data to Dedicated server results .json: StartPosition, StartPositionInClass were added to Session. Sector Times, PositionInClass and a boolean stating if the lap was valid or not were added to Lap.
Updated to libcef 3.3282.1742 / Chromium 64.0.3282.119. Should help with certain crash reports and users reporting black screens.
Game now waits a full minute for http requests and ghost uploads after some users reported failed upload of leaderboard entries.
Changed so laps completed, invalid laps & best lap time statistics are not sent to the backend if cut track rules are disabled.
Changed so driving at high speed on grass (ie: on the side of a straight) now triggers a yellow flag event.
Changed so a car causing a yellow flag event is allowed to overtake other cars inside the yellow zone.
Fixed LED’s of the Fanatec CSL Elite that were lighting up by group of 3 instead of 1 by 1.
Fixed a bounce of the vehicle that could be observed with certain cars upon spawning on track.
Fixed a case where some users would still receive penalties upon spawning on the starting grid.
AI - Fixed a reported game crash related to DRS / PTP zones.
AI - Fixed a case where AI would sometimes be caught pitting before the pitlane opened.
AI - Added some variations to their tyre management to increase pitstop strategy differences.
VR - Added a loop for VR initialization so it tries 3 times before returning failure. In case it's just a temporary error.
VR - Fixed an issue where some system chat messages could not be seen (such as “user has joined the server” messages)
VR - Fixed a reported game crash
VR - Fixed an issue where the head position would move erratically when transiting to another racing session.
Tweaks to the revlimiter code to get more of a dogtooth effect in the rpm.
Tweaks to pitlane speed limiter to reduce some bouncing over the speed limit in certain cars. Just like in a real car, it is recommended to not apply full throttle while on limiter.
Tweaks to the slow-down penalty messages to make it more explicit that the user has to give up a certain time advantage.

Sounds, cameras, physics & AI:

All Tracks - Tweaked AI pace in qualifying versus race
Audi RS 3 LMS - Triple screen cockpit camera is now properly positioned
Formula RaceRoom 2 - Tweaks to AI braking ability to better match player’s
Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Sound adjustments to the idle and low revs
Mistral M530 - Improvements to cockpit sounds
Nordschleife - Fixed AI scraping the apex guardrail during a race start on the Nordschleife layout
RedBull Ring - Tweaks to cut corridors
Sachsenring - Tweaks to cut corridors
Silverstone - Fixed AI braking in an unsafe manner to enter the pitlane
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Updates 08 Mai 2018 19:06 #331389

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Server Update durchgeführt, Server sind wieder online
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Updates 01 Jun 2018 19:51 #331774

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May 31st - Update


This is the last of our series of updates aimed at deploying cars for the various eras of the
Mercedes‐AMG Motorsport eRacing Competition.

Today's update adds the remaining cars for the future rounds of this outstanding competition: the AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM 2003, the AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 2005 as well as a competition-only version of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM 2015.

You can watch all the races on Mercedes-Benz' YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClj0L8WZrVydk5xKOscI6-A

Round 3 : Race will take place this coming Sunday 3rd June !

But it isn't all! We're also bringing some fixes for Direct Drive wheels and other controller types that were reported recently. Check this out:

Update details:
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2821569
Dedi version = 42.0.665
Dedi BuildID = 2821571

  • FFB - No longer sends Jolt effects on extreme forces, which caused strong effects being felt when the car was bottoming out.
  • FFB - Fixed various reported issues with Direct Drive wheels
  • FFB - An issue was spotted with the effect creation for Fanatec devices. While this is being investigated on Fanatec side, a workaround has been introduced, solving the ffb loss, framerate and freezes issues reported when resetting FFB or loading multiple game sessions.
  • Input meter - Fixed an issue where the meter would render before a racing session started.
  • Fixed an issue where cockpit gauges would sometimes be showing wrong values when coming back from an instant replay (spotted in the Zakspeed Capri)

  • Mid-Ohio - Fixed a cut track detection when driving near the pitlane entrance in the last two turns.
  • Laguna Seca - Fixed wrong pitlane speed limit
  • Sepang - Fixed some minor texture flickering on the back of the pit building
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Updates 20 Jun 2018 15:27 #332095

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June 20th Update

Today we're mostly preparing RaceRoom for upcoming competitions and content releases.
Stay tuned for more information regarding those!

Update details:
Download size = 934.3 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2878085
Dedi version = 43.0.675
Dedi BuildID = 2878124

  • Fixed a pitstop exploit where a player could turn on ignition and engine back on much earlier than normal by stopping at the spot with the engine already turned off.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the player could end up having only 1 lap to perform in the race session. This was spotted on certain systems only.
  • Fixed an FFB initialization on the "Championship progress saved" message.

  • Moscow - Modified track side banners in preparation for the Porsche virtual series.
  • KTM X-Bow RR - New livery #8 was added to store
  • Nuerburgring GP - Updated pitwall with latest Porsche hashtag, new Ravenol sign, new tarmac patches, fixed curbs shapes at the Schumacher esses as well as other various fixes and tweaks.
  • Lausitzring GP - Fixed HUD track map that was still using simple visuals.
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Updates 11 Jul 2018 15:38 #332337

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11th July 2018 - RaceRoom has been updated


A new track is now available! Joining the list of WTCC venues comes Twin-Ring Motegi. This track, located in Japan, was on the calendar of the final three seasons of the FIA WTCC series: 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This is not all, we're also bringing a complete overhaul of various cars. The biggest change being a big merger between GTR 1 and GTR X car classes. They're now upgraded to our highest physics quality level and closely balanced together.

For those of you who were around in 2012 when RaceRoom was in open beta, you'll remember the Nissan GTR GT1. After all these years sitting in a dark virtual garage, this car has now been unleashed and added to the GTR 1 class as well.

The Pagani Zonda R was also upgraded and now lives in its own single-make cup class with many liveries available.

Another car received some physics upgrades: the Formula RaceRoom Junior. Alex Hodgkinson, our physics designer, has treated you with his own version of what this car should handle like, all based on the data and experience collected when he was racing such cars a few years ago.

On the sound side, we're improving as well! Anthony Monteil, our sound engineer, has been busy delivering many new reasons for our ears to rejoice! Read about it all in detail below!

Update details:
Download size = 4.3 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2936158
Dedi version = 44.0.684
Dedi BuildID = 2936171

  • Added a Volume slider in Sound Options for Brake Squeal volume.
  • Skidmarks left on the track are no longer a fixed width but instead match the size of the tyre that suffered for it.
  • Reduced the floating above ground of the skidmark decals when seen from a low angle camera.
  • Underbody scraping sounds are now played in replay sessions. Also adjusted volume and fade for them.
  • FFB Multiplier in Car Setup menu now allows to go up to 10.0 (was 5.0)
  • Autoclutch assist is now forced ON when H-Pattern option is enabled but no direct gear buttons are mapped.
  • Modifications to Clutch and H-pattern cars logic, making it required to lift throttle in order to upshift.
  • Fixed mini data display in HUD that was using a slightly different logic for rev warnings.
  • Fixed a game crash reported upon exiting certain replay sessions
  • Fixed Input Meter HUD tool that would wrongly appear at the beginning of a race session.
  • Fixed a lack of shift backfires when watching replays and on remote cars in multiplayer
  • Fixed so skidmarks left on tarmac are now properly erased when restarting a session or rewinding a replay.
  • Fixed an issue reported with replays or ghosts failing to save if a folder did not exist.

  • 350 new gearshift / backfire / shift backfire samples were added.
  • Various modifications to the backfire patterns and speed.
  • Adjusted the hearing distance for gearshifts, backfires and shift backfires
  • All cars - Brake squeal sounds improved. Better pressure versus volume fading, hearing distance adjusted for external cameras. Pitch adjusted to match recent recordings.
  • BMW M1 Procar - Coast transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • BMW M3 DTM 2013 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • BMW M4 DTM 2014/2015- Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Chevrolet Camaro GT3 - Main volume increased in cockpit. Transmission volume adjusted. Transmission pitch adjusted for both cockpit and external sounds.
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3 - Coast and Throttle volume balance adjusted
  • Mercedes AMG C-Coupe DTM 2014 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Mercedes 190 DTM 92 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Mistral M530 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Nissan GTR GT3 - Engine volume increased. Rev blend improvements. Transmission sound in cockpit adjusted.
  • Nissan 300ZX - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Nissan GTR R32 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Opel Omega DTM 92 - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - New traction control external sounds
  • Formula RaceRoom 2 - New traction control external sounds
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit
  • Saleen S7R - Rev blending improved for external sounds
  • Volvo 240 Turbo - Transmission volume adjusted in cockpit

  • Pagani Zonda R - Physics upgraded. Moved to a single-make cup car class.
  • Saleen S7R - Physics upgraded
  • Ruf CTR3 - Physics upgraded, BOP for GTR1 car class
  • Koenigsegg CCGT - Physics upgraded, BOP for GTR1 car class
  • Gumpert Apollo - Physics upgraded, BOP for GTR1 car class
  • Ford GT1 - Physics upgraded
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior - Physics upgraded
  • All H-pattern cars - Shifting modifications to match the new clutch code implementation
  • Swapped the performance index of the Audi TT cup and the Formula RaceRoom Junior

  • Ruf RT12R (GTR2 and GTR3) - Updated rev light logic
  • Ruf CTR3 - Upgraded to a new data display
  • Paul Ricard - Track resurfaced for bumps, swapped old 2D audience, added normal map to guardrail.
  • Ford GT1 - Some dimension tweaks
  • Mercedes DTM 2015 - #6 (Wickens) showed a wrong cockpit numberplate.
  • Saleen S7R - Fixed headlights and brake lights that were not working after a recent update
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Updates 23 Aug 2018 16:15 #332894

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Update details:

Download size = 90 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2939416

  • Porsche 911 GT3 R : New external sounds.


Update of Steam app settings

  • Added two launch options for Steam VR mode. This has the same effect as starting the game with " -vr ". The game will use the Super Sampling setting defined by the user in Steam VR.


Update details:
Download size = around 1,5 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2954930

  • Fixed a false positive detection of a clock-hack on Nordschleife (with the Nordschleife layout) that was resulting in the first lap started right after loading would always be invalidated.

  • Brands Hatch - Fixed some extreme bumps, swapped old 2D spectators, small AO tweaks.
  • Sonoma - Fixed an issue where "Long" layout would trigger an off-track incident point event in turn 7 when running a bit wide but still on-track.
  • Falkenberg - Fixed an issue where player could be considered as having entered the pitlane by driving too close to the pit entry. Pitlane entrance has been moved further back.
  • Motegi - Fixed a tyrewall that had no collision and could be driven through on the start/finish straight.


Update details:
Download size = 634 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3033701
Dedi version = 45.0.695
Dedi BuildID = 3033704

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR
  • Audi RS 3 LMS
  • Honda Civic TCR
  • Hyundai i30 N TCR
  • Peugeot 308 TCR
  • Seat Cupra TCR
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

  • Added "Launch Control" key mapping. WTCR cars are currently the only cars featuring it.


Update details:
Download size = ca 235 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3056970

WTCR 2018 - Balance of Performance
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR - Reduced ballast weight
  • Audi RS 3 LMS - Reduced ballast weight
  • Cupra TCR - Reduced ballast weight
  • Honda Civic TCR - No change
  • Hyundai i30 N TCR - Reduced ballast weight
  • Peugeot 308 TCR - Reduced ballast weight
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR - Reduced ballast weight

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR - increased cockpit coast volume and external gearshifts volume

  • Added the remaining suits and helmets textures to all WTCR cars
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR - Various tweaks to the cockpit, attached the window net a bit higher, fixed over-reflective objects in the cockpit.
  • Cupra TCR - Fixed over-reflective objects in the cockpit. Added missing logo on the flanks of car #66.
  • Honda Civic TCR - Data display modified to MoTec C127 (Black), fixed over-reflective objects in the cockpit.
  • Hyundai i30 N TCR - "H" logo now sits on the upper radiator grid. Shift lights in the cockpit are now better adjusted.
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR - Tweak to the position of the driver's fingers
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Updates 12 Nov 2018 20:08 #334234

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Oh der nächste Patch wird schön.


Die Clubsport Trophy wird zur offiziellen Cayman Trophy by Manthey Racing

Enthalten ist die 2018er Saison und auch einige Liveries der 2017er Saison, außerdem erfolgt ein weiteres Umfangreiches Physikupdate des Caymans, welches zusammen mit Moritz Kranz (dem diesjährigen Trophy Meisters) erarbeitet und getestet.
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Updates 14 Nov 2018 07:30 #334263

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Es geht weiter:

Die GTR4 Klasse kommt, scheinbar vorerst mit 2 Autos dem KTM X-Bow GT4 und dem Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR.
Unterschied des GT4 Caymans zur Trophy Version, niedrigeres Gewicht, Mehr Einstellmöglichkeiten im Setup.

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Updates 28 Nov 2018 18:00 #334682

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28th November Update

J-F Chardon schrieb:
We are thrilled to introduce GT4 race cars to the RaceRoom platform in this update. Not only that, we've also been busy bringing numerous features and improvements to the simulator, and we're very excited to share the fruit of the work of these past months with you all.

GTR4 Release trailer:

Also don't miss out on the (ok, a bit lenghty) interview we had with RaceDepartment.com surrounding this update :

Update details:
Download size = circa 2.8 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3346300
Dedi version = 47.0.764
Dedi BuildID = 3346554

Added GTR4 car class with KTM GT4, Lotus Evora GT4 and Porsche Cayman MR
Added the full grid of the Cayman Trophy by Manthey Racing for the Porsche Cayman Clubsport GT4
Added a GT2 version of the P4/5 Competizione

Reworked our approach towards driving assists. In Single Player events, the player can now fully customize which assists are enabled and at what level. The assists available in multiplayer sessions will depend on the settings defined by the host. Competitions and leaderboards will still offer the familiar “novice”, “amateur” and “get real” options, enforcing equality in such competitive environments.
Dedicated server : Interface reworked for easier server management. Added settings for the driving assist, either enforcing specified assists levels or allowing connected players to freely pick and choose.
Dedicated server : Qualifying session timer is now frozen while the server is empty if there is no practice session and the “freeze session if empty” option is enabled.
Reworked the Multiplayer lobby page to better present servers overall. More filters are now available to narrow down a search we also added the required information regarding which assists are allowed or enforced for each server.
Introducing additional assists : ESP and Countersteer assistance.
Reworked the Assisted Braking to become more targeted towards not missing the braking points. Useful when learning a new track.
Implemented a weight ballast system for assists that do not naturally make the car slower.
Further tweaks to Slowdown penalties
Added Look to Apex, Pitch camera lag and Roll camera lag sliders to options menu.
Reorganized the option menus for easier navigation.
Lowered default volume values for Roadfeel and Suspension Squeak sound effects
Cockpit camera now has some movement from G-forces by default.
Car selection menu no longer shows cars in order of their release dates but alphabetically.
Further improvements to serving of Slowdown penalties after all the great feedback from the last update.
In a Multiplayer session with “Wrecker Prevention” option enabled, a player sitting idle on the track without accelerating will be presented with a message asking “Are you still there?” and to press Throttle to confirm. Failure to comply will result in being brought back to the garage.
Reduced the distance at which the green flag is presented after passing a yellow flag incident.
DRS in a multiclass race will no longer become available from following a car having a different performance index.
AI no longer defends its position in the first turn of an s-curve
AI now makes better defensive decisions based on the type of corner ahead.
AI no longer goes defensive on the first lap of a race if there is a car in front.
AI should now respect a bit more distance to opponent cars

Physics / Sounds / AI / Cameras
All non sequential cars: Reworked the entire H-pattern gearbox and clutch management.
Introducing downshift blip on gearshifts when clutch is set to automatic
Turbo spooling now drops more accurately on gearshifts
Tyre and brake disk temperatures are now pre-heated to their optimal temperatures when performing a rolling start (time attack, rolling start qualifying, race rolling starts)
Damage sensitivity tweaks for all cars
Added stone chips samples to replays
Added specific pitstop timers for GTR1 and GTR2 car classes
Changing a damaged front nose of the Formula RaceRoom X-17 no longer takes 30 seconds.
Audi R8 LMS - Improved behaviour when biting curbs
BMW M6 GT3 - Improved corner entry behaviour
Formula RaceRoom 3 - Improved base setup. Improved AI standing starts. Fuel tank now lasts 15 laps around Macau.
Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Prevented AI from performing a pitstop on a short race around Road America.
Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Improved AI standing starts
GTR2 - Complete rework on the physics, 2 tyre compounds
GTR2 - New sounds for the BMW M3 GT2
GTR3 - Adjustments to the balance of performance (power, downforce, fuel consumption, etc)
GTR4 - Introducing this class with 3 new cars.
Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 2005 - Improved AI behaviour
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Overall improvements of the handling and of the AI behaviour
Porsche Cayman Clubsport - Overall improvements of the handling and of the AI behaviour
WTCR - Adjustments to the balance of performance (power, weight, gear ratios) and to the estimation of fuel consumption (affects AI decisions and car setup menu estimations)
New Static TV cameras brought to various tracks with focus on atmospheric scenes and listenning to sounds of cars passing. Those cameras can be accessed with Page Down, then using End key to cycle through camera sets.

Bug fixes
Reduced vibration of opponent cars in multiplayer (mostly noticeable when standing still)
Fixed a case where the game would not validate the serving of a drivethrough penalty if the player stopped at the spot. Also removed the pit area markers if “serve drivethrough” is selected in the pit menu to stop luring players into stopping.
Fixed some rendering issue occuring after altering visual settings in the menus and letting the game revert the changes by not confirming.
Fixed a case where the game would stop the car at the spot if serving a drivethrough with AI assistance in pitlane.
Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, some incident points would be missing from the results file generated by the dedicated server.
Fixed the lap time not being invalidated from driving in the wrong direction.
Fixed a Triple Screen rendering issue where smoke or dirt clouds would not appear properly.
Fixed a replay issue where sounds from cars could fail to play properly after switching quickly between cars.
Fixed an issue with the cockpit perspective shift feature that would make the cockpit camera act up in replays.
Fixed the cockpit perspective shift going the other way when looking back.
Fixed cockpit perspective shift affecting onboard cameras (accessible through Home key)
Fixed an issue where a spectator client started from a rrre:// link would fail to show the broadcast overlays.
Fixed some wrong live diff timing values on the first race lap around Nordschleife VLN and 24H layouts
Fixed an exploit where a player could serve a drivethrough penalty by entering and leaving the pitlane from the same side.
Fixed tyre changes in GTR3 car class that played a very long loop of sounds.
Fixed “Time Left” being wrong when broadcasting a multiplayer event with 2 race sessions.
Fixed an issue where player would lose control of the car upon entering a pitlane in the wrong direction if AI assistance in pitlane was enabled
Fixed spectator overlays showing wrong time left when joining an event with more than 1 race session.
Fixed a HUD timing overlay that would sometimes not go away after a practice run on a hillclimb.
Fixed pitstop menu being locked after entering the pitlane with no action selected.
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Updates 29 Nov 2018 12:19 #334714

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Sepang und FR jr. vorerst Free2Play

Starterpack angepasst: Tatuus F4 statt FRjr

Experiment for now. But it should NOT be a short experiment. I will be interested in seeing how it will impact steam reviews and the retaining of players in the game on the long run. With this update we are improving on two aspects that keep coming back in negative reviews on steam: not enough free content and too hard to drive
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Updates 19 Dez 2018 18:11 #335129

Neues update:

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR ( group 4 ) :)

Und: The introduction of multiclass in single player modes through the AI Selector
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Updates 19 Dez 2018 18:38 #335131

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Geilomat, am Wochenende direkt mal 99 KI's auf Spa testen

Update details:
Download size = 313.5 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3411532
Dedi version = 48.0.779
Dedi BuildID = 3411541


Added AI Selector to Single Player event menus. Allows to pick and choose what AI's will drive, down to the livery. You can save and load AI selections.
AI - Various improvements to AI behavior when navigating through slower traffic in a multiclass event.
Test Drive from the store now allow free choice of driving assists, and also allow access to the car setup.
Default driving assist preset is now Amateur instead of Novice.
Improved the Challenge Ghost download procedure to reduce download failure errors.
Fixed a mis-alignement of the text in the position bar after cycling through the position bar styles.
Fixed the multiplayer server list that wasn't always updating even though new server information was available.
Fixed a Driving Asssist issue where disabling the factory traction control in car setup had the result of enabling the artificial traction control.
Fixed the wear / fuel multiplier 'X4' icon in the MP server list that was showing greyed out.
Fixed a motion blur issue with triple screen when vehicle was moving backwards.
Fixed a crash on startup when the servers were in maintenance mode
Fixed a crash occuring while browsing through trackside cameras
Fixed a crash occuring upon multiple track loading sequences

Physics / Sounds / AI / Cameras

Porsche Cayman CS and MR : default car setup modified for better stability. Reduced the drop of downforce occuring when airflow isn't directed straight on the rearwing (ie: when going sideways, rearwings are less efficient). / Smoothed out the upshifts to closer replicate the PDK gearbox. / Improved AI behavior all around.
Callaway C7 R : Car was bottoming out a lot at turns like Eau Rouge, so moved the splitter feeler up a bit, increased high speed bumping, allowed another 5mm of ride height adjustment on the front.
Modified tyre change times for GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4 classes
Added specific pitstop timers for GTO, Touring Classics, Group 4 and Group 5.
Formula RaceRoom X-17 : Added track specific gear ratios
GT2 : Improved AI behavior all around
Ruf RT12R GT2 : BOP adjustment (leaderboard entries were cleared for this car)
GT4 : added functional handbrake (because sometimes it's useful)
Mercedes DTM 1995, 2003 and 2005 : Improved AI behavior all around
BMW M235i Racing : Fixed AI sometimes struggling to leave the pitbox
Group 5 cars : Fixed AI sometimes struggling to leave the pitbox
GTO : Fixed AI sometimes struggling to leave the pitbox

Source: forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threa...r-2018-update.12251/
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Updates 04 Apr 2019 15:47 #336914

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Update details:
Download size = ca 15 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 3708189
Dedi version = 50.0.906
Dedi BuildID = 3708152

Added Group C car class with Porsche 962 C Team Joest and Nissan R90CK
Added Porsche Carrera Cup Classic car class with Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964)
Modified parts of the Porsche 934 RSR to remove certain after-market elements such as the exhaust pipe.

Dedicated server - Added a list of currently connected players, with live counter of their incident points and a Kick button.
Dedicated server - Added a session information block with a "Next Session" functionality.
Dedicated server - Added a ban functionality.
Dedicated server - Color tweaks to the UI for better readability when server is running.
Dedicated server - The results json now includes the userID of the other player involved in a car to car collision.

Implemented a more discrete notification block on the HUD to replace the big and intrusive overlays that warn of penalties.
Added loads of new telemetry and various data to Shared Memory block, bringing it to v2.6 and breaking backward compatibility with 3rd party applications and drivers.
Introducing Tyre Pressure in car setup for the cars released today as well as a selection of older cars (see below)
Added support for in-gameplay overlays, allowing for custom HUD widgets using web. See github.com/sector3studios/webhud for full details.
Multiplayer - Fixed the vibrating opponent cars in pitlane and grid
Player can now adjust the brake bias even in fixed car setup conditions
Spectator overlays - changed r3e.getVehicleInfo.drsLeft to use amount of drs activations left, instead of just true or false
Single Player - Grid Position selector now takes into account multiclass and will place the player in the selected position within the same car class or same performance index classes.

Fixed an issue on Sepang South when using VR
Fixed Brake assists showing up in the wrong order in the Gameplay Settings selector
Fixed sometimes incorrect lap counts or session timers when watching replays
Fixed a multiplayer issue on Timing screen where the player with the fastest lap would leave the server and would result in broken split time calculations
Fixed ADAC 2018 drivers not changing during pitstops

Oschersleben - New set of Static cameras ("Pg Down" key to switch to TV cameras, then "End" key to cycle through camera sets)
Paul Ricard - New set of Static cameras
Silverstone - New set of Static cameras
Slovakiaring - New set of Static cameras
Shanghai - New set of Static cameras
Stowe - New set of Static cameras
RaceRoom Raceway - New set of Static cameras
RedBull Ring - New set of Static cameras
Road America - New set of Static cameras
Sachsenring - New set of Static cameras
Salzburgring - New set of Static cameras
Suzuka - New set of Static cameras
GTR1 car class - Added set of action cameras ("Home" key to cycle)
Sounds - Replaced some suspension samples
Sounds - Implemented a new set of samples and triggers for sounds of pedals being pressed in Aquila, Audi 90 GTO, Audi R18, BMW 320 Turbo, Chevrolet Daytona Prototype, DMD P20, DMD P21, Fabcar 935, Mistral M530, Mistral M531, Nissan Silvia Turbo, Nissan Skyline 2000RS, Nissan 300ZX, Nissan R90CK, Nissan Skyline GTR R32, Porsche 934 RSR, Radical SR9 Turbo and V8, Ruf CTR3, Volvo 240 Turbo, Zakspeed Capri.
Sounds - Reduced volume of drones in aerial cameras
Sounds - Chevrolet Corvette C6 GT2 - Improved volume balance between external and internal sounds.
Sounds - Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood - Increased volume of the engine startup and engine idle (both interior and exterior)
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to Formula RaceRoom Junior
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to GTR2 cars
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to GTR4 cars
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to Mercedes DTM 1995, along with all-around handling improvements
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to Pagani Zonda R
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
Physics - Added Tyre pressure to Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, tweaks to transmission, gearshifts and dampers

Physics - BOP adjustments to GTR3 cars
Physics - BOP adjustments to GTO cars, Updated friction values, Updated oscillations, More accurate Mustang front suspension joints
Physics - BOP adjustments to Group 5 cars.
Physics - Aquila - Tweaked upshifts and behaviour on pit limiter
Physics - Audi TT RS VLN - Fixed some tyre marks left on tarmac when changing gears, updated engine and transmission rod stiffness, improved behaviour on pit limiter and the automatic gearbox logic.
Physics - Formula RaceRoom Junior - Imrpoved behaviour over bumps, curbs and crests. Improved dog box shifts behaviour. Adjustments to transmission oscillations.
Physics - NSU TTS - Fixed AI sometimes overshooting the pitbox, the car now also has its own set of pitstop timers
Physics - Porsche 934 RSR - Improved behaviour over bumps, curbs and crests. Adjustments to transmission oscillations.
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Raceroom is going down for a scheduled maintenance while we deploy a new update .

We will be back asap!

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